GP Number Check Code- How to Check Your GP Number

GP Number Check Code

GP Number Check Code. When you get your new GrameenPhone (GP) SIM, you might take some time to keep it in your memory. If anyone asks for your mobile number during those times, it is difficult to share the number with them. For these, many people are searching for GP Number Check or GP Number Check Code. But, you need not worry since GP provides you lot of options for how to check your own GP number. There are many ways to check your own GP Number. In order to make things easier for you, we have created a step-by-step guideline on how to check own GP number. let’s begin.

GP Number Check Code

Grameenphone has made it easier to know your own GP number by entering a simple USSD code. The full form of USDD code is Unstructured Supplementary Service Data. The USSD codes help to get the desired information about different services. All mobile operators in Bangladesh extend USSD service. Any GP customer can use this code to know the GP SIM number instantly.

However, there are different USSD codes to get different services and information. Customer must know that the USSD codes provided by mobile operators are not the same. To get particular service, you must know the USSD codes that will work on a particular network. So, if you need to know the GP number, you should follow these steps:

  • First go to Phone Dialer.
  • Dial *2# on your GP SIM for which you want to know the number
  • You will see a message on your smartphone’s screen that will show your number.
Operator Name USSD Code to find SIM Number
GP SIM Number Check Code (017 or 013)
Dial *2#

There are many other options to check GP Number. You can check your GP Nunmber through GP Customer Care. You can check Grameenphone (GP) Number by Calling Others. Anyone can also get GP Number via Grameenphone APP which can be downloaded from Playstore.

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